Truck vs. Motorcycle Accident Leaves Rider Fatally Injured

truck accident motorcycle

Many drivers and passengers across California know this the hard way: Truck accidents are often serious and, unfortunately, deadly.

That’s why drivers, riders, and anyone who’s serious about their safety should learn about these accidents, how they happen, and what one should do avoid them in order to make sure they are not a victim.

Recently, a motorcycle rider was killed in a collision with a truck.

The tragic and horrific accident has come to our attention and we decided to share this with you to urge you and your loved ones to stay alert at all times.

The accident happened on the Golden State Freeway in Granada Hills, California. According to the reports, a 53-year-old man from Lancaster was in the carpool lane of the road when his motorcycle crashed into the truck. The collision happened near Balboa Boulevard. Unfortunately, the 2017 Harley-Davidson motorcycle rider was seriously injured and declared dead at the scene.

While authorities investigate this accident, we still don’t know what factor led to the collision. However, we hope readers and clients understand that there are certain activities that make this type of accident more likely to happen. They include speeding, distracted driving, intoxicated driving, and following too closely to the vehicle ahead.

When drivers and riders are following too closely, they may not be able to slow their vehicles down or completely stop them in case of an emergency ahead, and rear-ending collisions become more likely to happen. The same happens when we speed. Speeding drivers will be less likely to slow down or stop the car on time if the traffic suddenly comes to a full stop.

For more information on this accident, follow this link. To stay safe, avoid the risky activities that may put your life in danger and focus on the road ahead.

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