Belmont Train Accident Lawyer

Train Accident Lawyers in Belmont

Train Accident Lawyers in Belmont

Most people probably don’t realize that train accidents occur everyday. It may seem strange considering that the railways aren’t nearly as jam-packed with passengers traveling across the country as they used to be. Nevertheless, it remains true. Obviously, we’re not only talking about massive derailments. Obstructions impede the progress of trains on a regular basis, and even though such incidents might not make the national news, injuries still occur frequently.

If you were the victim of a train crash, you should consider being represented by a qualified legal team. The Nagelberg Bernard Law Group’s Belmont train accident lawyers have what it takes to bring you justice. In a world where negligent parties and insurance companies team up to go against us, they are in for the battle of their lives. Over the years, we’ve gained more than $400 million in compensation for our clients, establishing a stunning 98.4% success rate in the process.

Since we opened our doors for business, three decades have come and gone. In that time, our attorneys have gained crucial experience in presenting claims that arise in the wake of train accidents. Such negligence can come from a variety of different sources, be it a train conductor who failed to adhere to posted speed limits, or a car driver who tried to go around a crossing arm, or even a railway operator who did not ensure that the tracks have been properly maintained. Regardless of the cause of the accident, you deserve compensation for such things as:

  • Your medical treatment and the bills that resulted from it
  • Physical trauma and emotional suffering
  • Lost income due to your having to miss work to cope with your injuries
  • Other incidental expenses that may have arisen

The nature of a person’s injuries and the accident itself might vary, but one thing that tends to remain steady throughout all cases is the importance of documentation. We urge every one of our clients to assiduously keep track of bills, receipts, pay stubs, and income tax returns, as such concrete proof allows us to show the toll an accident has taken. When you combine this with expert presentation of the evidence that shows the responsible party’s negligence, there’s hardly anything that an insurance company can do to deny your compensation if a qualified attorney is by your side.

A free consultation regarding your Belmont train accident case with a member of our highly skilled legal team is just a phone call away. Our lines are open around the clock. But if you prefer, you may fill out the form on this page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Belmont residents enjoying living in a city that is part of the San Francisco Peninsula should help us to make safety an issue by making sure that negligent parties are being held accountable no matter what. Don’t let the negligent party get away with what they’ve done by contacting the Belmont train accident lawyers of Nagelberg Bernard today.