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Dangerous & Defective Drugs Can Cause Adverse Health Affects

When your doctor prescribes a drug you assume that the medicine given to treat your condition will improve your health. Unfortunately some medications are brought to market prematurely without proper safeguards taken into consideration, sometimes causing serious injuries and harm to the patient’s health.

Many physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and patients overlook the fact that just because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a drug for use does not mean that the medicine is safe. If the risks of taking a medication are found to outweigh the drug’s benefits than the pharmaceutical company that developed and distributed the medication may issue a voluntary recall.

When research shows that the side effects of a drug cause adverse health affects and the drug manufacturer does not cooperate with an FDA investigation or findings, FDA regulators may issue a mandatory recall that essentially pulls the drug off the market. Bad medications can result in serious injuries or even death to unsuspecting patients. Some of the devastating health affects of taking dangerous drugs are listed below:

  • Blood Clots and Stroke
  • Failure of Internal Organs
  • Heart Attack
  • Cardiovascular & Respiratory Problems
  • Psychological Problems & Increased Risk of Suicide
  • Death
  • Birth Defects
  • Neurological Disorders

There have been many high profile defective drug recalls in the news recently that can be contributed to breakdowns at the FDA and the propensity of corporations to value profits over public health and well being. The defective drug lawyers of Nagelberg Bernard Law Group have been representing individuals harmed by bad medications for over 30 years, obtaining multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for victims and their families.

If you or a loved one have suffered adverse health affects from the use a dangerous drug, you may be able to file a defective medication claim.

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