Tragic Crash Kills Two In Santa Barbara County

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Every now and then, crashes occur because of distractions, equipment failures, or other factors that could have been prevented. Unfortunately, many of the crashes we hear about nearly weekly aren’t always investigated at length, making it difficult for us to learn exactly what led to these collisions. This makes it hard for us to better understand how crashes happen and how we should proceed to make it less likely to occur.

The latest one of out many crashes to catch our attention happened Tuesday. At least two people were killed in the accident that happened on Highway 154 in Santa Barbara County.

According to the reports, a full-size Dodge pickup truck crashed into the passenger side of a Honda Civic. As a result, a 34-year-old sitting behind the wheel of the Civic along with a 23-year-old passenger.

The Honda driver had lost control of the car moments before the collision, allowing the car to cross over into the westbound lane and putting itself in the path of the Dodge.

Due to this tragic crash, the Dodge driver and passenger were injured while the driver and passenger occupying the Honda were declared dead at the scene.

We are saddened to have learned that two people have died and the two others were injured. We hope that drivers across the state of California learn from this collision. While we do not know what caused the driver to lose control over his car, we do know that many factors may lead to similar collisions. Distractions, drowsiness, and intoxication may all cause similar scenarios. Equipment failure associated with open recalls may sometimes also lead to similar issues, and that’s why you should be alert.

For more on this tragic crash, you may click here for the full article. Stay safe by remembering that focus on the road at all times will help you to prevent serious crashes.

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